About Zoukphoria

Zoukphoria is a community led by Ebonie Lee, Eddie Wang, Samuel Sandoval and Bryn Nugent, centered around bringing Brazilian Zouk dancing to Brooklyn. WHAT IS BRAZILIAN ZOUK? brazilian zouk /brəˈzilyən ˈzük\/ noun 1. a fusion of Brazilian Lambada-inspired dance, Caribbean music + international innovation 2. a social dance style characterized by bodywaves, dynamic spirals + infectious beats Brazilian Zouk is a couples dance descended from the Lambada in Brazil. The name Brazilian Zouk is used to distinguish the dance from the Caribbean Zouk dance, which is historically related to, but very different from the Lambada. (Wikipedia) BENEFITS OF ZOUKING - a euphoric feeling - an international crew of friends sharing the love of zouk - body awareness - connection with fellow humans - fluency in the newest social dance style - ‘schmexiness’ - results may vary CREATING SAFE DANCE SPACES Zoukphoria is committed to creating safe dance places. Please read our Community Code of Conduct. All events hosted by Zoukphoria will abide by this code. https://bit.ly/SZSCodeofConduct COVID-SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Zoukphoria events will follow NYC guidelines and laws in addition to joint decisions made alongside NYC-area Brazilian Zouk organizers. Precautions for specific events will be announced on that event's page. Read Full COVID-Policy/Protocols for participating NYC Brazilian Zouk organizers: https://bit.ly/3AucSnk


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Classes & Events

Level 2C: Brazilian Zouk Atoms & Molecules

Wednesdays 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Level 2C: Brazilian Zouk Atoms & Molecules 6-Week Course

With Eddie Wang

In this module, we explore more advanced turns & variations, breaking them up into individual, fundamental techniques that you will start to see everywhere. By understanding these techniques, you will have the mental machinery to be able to lead & follow any movement! Like always, we at Zoukphoria teach with a focus on connection, flow, & comfort. Join us this cycle and learn all about the structure of our dance! Enrollment is open to those who have taken our Intro to Brazilian Zouk course or can comfortably lead or follow the following moves (basic, viradinha, simple turn, lateral, body roll). --- COVID vaccinations recommended, masks optional ---